PUWANG (Space Between)


Short Narrative 2006 / Color / 25 min / Philippines


After a mysterious falling out with his father five years ago, Angelo, the favorite son, has not shown his face to the family. Arlene, being the eldest and the least favorite, took upon herself the demanding task of taking care of their very sick father even while she tends to her own husband and children. Anne, the youngest, is single and pregnant with no one to turn to except her older sister. When the father is finally confined in the hospital for two weeks, his relentless requests to see his long lost son, Angelo’s stubbornness and supposed disregard for their father’s welfare, and Anne’s constant need for attention start to bear down on Arlene, leaving her weak, weary and Anne’s constant need for attention start to bear down on Arlene, leaving her weak, weary and very much alone.
Director: Anna Isabelle Matutina

Script: Anna Isabelle Matutina

Cinematographers: Wowie Hao and Alma dela Pena

Editing: Anna Isabelle Matutina

Production Designer: Richard Legaspi

Music : Lionel Valdello Sound: Anna Isabelle Matutina

Production Manager: Hector Macaso

Executive Producer: Seymour Barros Sanchez

Make-up: Sherlyn Talactac

Art Director: Sonja Completo

Production Assistant: Karr Catamora

Actors: Elmo Redrico, Roence Santos, Bon Reyes, Lorena Landicho

Seymour Barros- Sanchez, Sasi Casas and Eloisa Espino- Sanchez


Official Selection: Lyon Asian Film Festival in France 2007

Finalist: Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2006

Exhibition Film: Cinemanila International Film Festival 2006

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Watch the trailer:

2 thoughts on “PUWANG (Space Between)

  1. puwang is definitely one of the best short films i’ve ever seen.. the actors and actresses have played their roles very well.. honestly, because of this film, i became fond of watching indie films.. ofcourse, with the influence of one of the most reliable person when it comes to these matters, Mr. Richard Legaspi!


  2. Thanks so much Krish! Really glad you enjoyed the film. Hope you can also watch all the other short films by the Katorse Writers Group if you haven’t seen them.

    – Sunshine Matutina

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