Ricky Lee Workshoppers Reunite

March 9, 2008
Writers’ Studio (WS), the non-profit organization spearheaded by award-winning and world-class writer, Ricky Lee, had successfully celebrated their reunion last April 5 at his residence in Xavierville, Katipunan.

It is simply called “Piyesta ng Manunulat”. It is a festivity of creative minds, fun conversations, good music and delectable food.

“We wanted to bring people together”, says Jerry Siapoc, project coordinator of Writers Studio. “It is always refreshing to see people gather and have fun. For them, it is like going back to their roots.”

Every two years, Ricky Lee gives a scriptwriting workshop for free and participants of this workshop become members of Writers Studio and volunteers of the organizations’ various projects.

“It’s Ricky’s way of giving back to the society”, adds Siapoc. “Writers Studio is not just an org or a club, it is a family.”

Piyesta ng Manunulat was sponsored by Ginebra San Miguel’s Premium
Gin and ERG.


One thought on “Ricky Lee Workshoppers Reunite


    I’m desperately looking for the whereabouts of ABI LAM. She’s our coordinator during our 1999 Ricky Lee Scriptwriting Workshop. I’m based here in America but I’ll be coming home this July to celebrate my 50th birthday on August 3 and Abi is one of my most important guests. If you know her, please give my e-mail address to her so she can contact me. My e-mail address is:

    scriptian@yahoo.com or leenocruz@yahoo.com

    I would really appreciate it very much if you’re able to inform her about this matter.



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