Original Title: KINULAYANG KITI / ¨Plumes de couleur”


Short Film / 24 minutes / Color / HD / Philippines


“Kinulayang Kiti” (Hand Painted Feathers) is a moving tale of surviving the harsh realities of urban life. The struggle of a young boy named KIT, whose father was murdered in a labor rally. His last resort is to believe in a superstition that by placing live chicks on his father’s casket, and their pecks will serve as stabs to the killer’s conscience.

French Synopsis

¨Plumes de couleur” dépeint les difficultés de la vie urbaine. Il raconte la lutte d’un jeune garçon, “Kit”, qui a perdu son père dans une manifestation. Il recourt à la pratique traditionelle de poser des poussins sur le cercueil de son père, pour culpabiliser son tueur.


“Kinulayang Kiti” (Hand Painted Feathers) bercerita tentang cara bertahan dalam situasi sulit kehidupan kota. Perjuangan seorang pemuda bernama KIT yang ayahnya terbunuh dalam sebuah demostrasi buruh. Harapan terakhirnya diserahkan pada hal takhyul. Ia percaya bila ia meletakkan anak ayam yang masih hidup di dalam peti ayahnya, maka patukan ayam tersebut akan menjadi tusukan-tusukan rasa bersalah bagi pembunuh ayahnya.


Kit:  Owen Banaag

Pido: Jimrocky Tanco

Tina:  Katherine Luna

Domeng:Alan Paule

Udong:   Bembol Roco

Scriptwriter and Director:  Richard Soriano Legaspi

Cinematographer:  Carlo Mendoza

Production Designers: Grace Orbon and Mary Jane Legaspi

Editor: Anna Isabelle Matutina

Music: Jess Santiago

Sound:Alan Hilado

Producer: Richard Legaspi and NCCA


In Competition, International Panorama of Film and Video Festival 2011

Official Selection, Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Indonesia 2010

Winner, Jury’s Prize, Pandayang Lino Brocka Politican and New Media Film Festival 2010

Finalist, Auburn International Film Festival, Australia

Official Selection, Panorama Screening, Budapest International Film Festival 20

Winner, Best Actress, Katherine Luna, Doi Saket International Film Festival, Thailand 2010

In Competition, Doi Saket International Film Festival, Thailand 2010

Nominated, Muhr Awards for Excellence, Dubai International Film Festival 2009 / World Premiere

Winner, Honourable Mention, Gawad CCP for Alternative Film and Video Festival 2009

Official Selection, Filipino American Film Festival, USA 2009


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