Short Narrative 2007 / Colour / 26 min / Philippines 


Des is a woman suffering from aplastic anemia who receives weekly blood transfusions. This is administered in a blood bank where Emma works as a medical technician.

One night, Des is mugged by Cleto. Going through her things, he discovers Des’ diary and so learns more about her person.

He becomes drawn to her. He stalks her, and is lead to the blood bank where he learns of her predicament. He decides to sell his blood. With this act Cleto feels a sense of redemption, his way of making up for the crime he has done to her and to others before her. At the blood bank, he also develops a friendship with Emma.

Director: Pam Miras 

Script: Pam Miras 

Cinematographer: Ogi Sugatan 

Editing: Anna Isabelle Matutina

Production Designer: Chet Rigonan 

Sound Editing: Anna Isabelle Matuti

Actors: Marvel Julian, Ian R.G. Victor and Rose De Leon


Best Philippine Short Film, 2nd .MOV Digital  Film Festival 2005

Best Screenplay 1st Cinemalaya Digital Short Film Festival, Manila 2005

In Competition: 28th Clermont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2006

Official Selection: Emirates Film Festival, United Arab Emirates 2005

New York Filipino Film Festival, New York, USA 2005

Cinemanila International Film Festival, Manila, Philippines  2005

19th Singapore International Film Festival  2006

42nd Pesaro Film Festival, Italy 2006

In Exhibition, Paris Cinema Film Festival, France 2008